Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Protein Bars - High Protein Diet

Obese always is a concern, don't you agree with me? People claim that they need a low carb and a high protein diet for them to immediately burn fat without getting starved. Some people tend to recognize the best exercises to lose weight. But how far these mission can be achieve? What does high protein diet mean? Is it healthy?

This kind of diet simply means receiving excess proteins of up to 15% in the body. This diet recommends about 30% of calories from proteins as opposed to the normal protein recommendation of only 10-15%. In reality, this diet is often high in total fat. However, nutritionists and especially bodybuilders, often suggest this high protein diet as it easily helps build muscle and lose fat.

Usually, protein bars are made with artificial sweeteners like Maltitol and sucralose, as well as reduced-calorie fats like Salatrim. One brand would include 320 calories (chocolate chip flavor), 29 grams of carbohydrates, about 11 grams of sugar and 8 grams of fat. Yes it contains fat and sugars. Thus, it cannot be considered as a non-calorie supplement.

Protein bars are, in fact, a high protein supplement as they contain about 34 grams of protein.

Protein, in its purest form, is a very important nutrient, essential to health. It is very indispensable and helps in the formation and replacement of new tissues in the body. It helps transport oxygen and nutrients in cells and blood and thus normalizes acid and water balance in the body. It also aids in the production of essential antibodies.