Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Protein Bars

Protein Bars are designed to formulate as the substitute of a complete meal that is wrapped up in the quick and easy bar form. The necessary protein supplements can be supplied to the body through Protein Bar. Usually the Protein Bars get such proteins from either Whey Protein or Soy Protein. The medical sciences suggest the ratio of protein to 1:10 which means you need to have 01 gram of protein per 10 pounds of your body weight e.g. a person weighing say 180 pounds need 18 gram of protein per day. The Protein Bars usually fulfill two different functions like: Protein Bars are the sources of refilling the proteins while performing the tiring weight lifting or workouts. Protein Bars are also taken as the substitutes of meals.

The Protein Bar which fulfills the complete protein requirements should be selected, e.g. 81 gram protein is medically suggested for person consuming diets with around 2000 calories a day. The protein source should ideally meet 4% protein to calorie rate like a person taking the product with 15 gram protein that product has to have less than 375 calories. Nonetheless, a Protein Bar providing higher value protein to calorie ratio is better, like 15 gram protein with 210 calories will offer the 7% protein / calorie ratio.

The tastes provided in the Protein Bars may be even better than candy bar in some cases. Eating such bars will fulfill your daily needs of the meals as well as provide you with all the necessary nutrition your body requires. Choose a bar of your favorite taste and get rolling. Also check out the Protein Bar that you need either for shedding fats or gaining weights.